ZTE @ Mobile World Congress (MWC 2022)

ZTE is demonstrating its latest ICT solutions and practices – at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2022), with a focus on Network Enhancement, Beyond Connectivity, Sustainable Development, Digital Future, and Digital Life.
ZTE at Mobile World Congress 2022
ZTE has unveiled site solution UniSite NEO, the industry’s first precise 50G PON prototype, GreenPilot solution, flagship Nubia Z40 Pro and mid- and high-end Blade V40 series, and the fourth-generation 5G MBB product family.

The company will be participating in five themed events hosted by GSMA, including the 5G mmWave summit, the 5G security conference, digital twin conference, and others.

ZTE will be releasing the simplified site deployment solution UniSite NEO based on a new generation of in-house designed chipsets. The next-generation 5G AAU product with higher performance boasts the lightest weight in the industry, helping reduce the energy consumption of multi-frequency all-mode sites by 40 percent.

ZTE provides ultra-wide optical networks for access to the backbone network, featuring the industry’s first precise 50G PON prototype, cost-effective 5-in-1 OTN, and the 1.2T OTN commercial system solution with the highest rate in the industry.

ZTE has innovatively proposed Private Network as a Service, which helps operators realize one-stop Order-to-Service for the industry in a simple and efficient way throughout the whole process from network planning and precise deployment to streamlined operation and maintenance.

ZTE’s private network solution is the first in the industry to achieve 4G and 5G integration, voice and data integration, cloud and network integration, as well as full sharing resources and simplified networking.

ZTE also released the industry-leading integrated i5GC, through which a server can be deployed with a full set of 5G core network, public network support, dedicated and public cloud-owned deployment, to provide the best cost-effective private network services.

ZTE has proposed the Time Promised Communication (TPC) solution, achieving the industry’s highest precision of less than 1us clock synchronization and ultra-low jitter, ultra-low deterministic latency of 1-20ms, and ultra-high reliability of more than 99.999 percent. Based on the TPC solution, ZTE and Qualcomm demonstrated the application of 5G TSN on smart grids, accelerating the commercialization of 5G in key industries.

ZTE has launched products such as 5G AGV components and AR digital twin platform. ZTE released the first integrated video gateway in the port field. Working with China Telecom, ZTE launched the 5G+ intelligent supply chain demonstration project, cloud warehouse configuration, which accelerates the commercial process of 5G in industry verticals.

ZTE has launched the ZTE RIS solution that employs the intelligent super-surface, one of the core technologies of 5G-Advanced and 6G. The company takes the lead to apply the technology into the 5G network, realizing the co-site coverage of high and low frequencies in dense urban areas.

The solution can significantly reduce high-frequency deployment costs such as millimeter wave, shortening the deployment cycle and decreasing network energy consumption, while accelerating the building of green, low-carbon and efficient networks.

ZTE provides 5G coverage solutions, which can be applied as high in the sky as 10,000 meters, and as far as 100 kilometers out at sea. The 5G signal is transmitted at speeds as fast as 350km/h. With super large capacity, the solution allows users to have 5G experiences anytime and anywhere, making digital life more convenient.
ZTE at MWC 2022
ZTE Corporation announced that its 5G FWA & MBB series has reached the million-shipment milestone. ZTE also unveiled the 4th Gen of ZTE 5G FWA & MBB family at the Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC 2022).

The series that includes the indoor 5G CPE MC888 series, outdoor 5G CPE MC889 series, and the new-gen portable 5G MiFi MU5120, are generally developed for indoor, outdoor, and travel scenarios, and have adopted the world-leading Snapdragon® X65 and X62 5G Modem-RF Platforms .

In 2019, ZTE released the MC801, its first 5G CPE product, and successively launched Gen 2 and Gen 3 indoor 5G CPE products in 2020 and 2021. The new series of the FWA &  MBB family is further improved and upgraded based on previous generations, forming diversified 5G data terminal scenarios, suitable for personal, home, travel, and office use, among others.