ZTE releases the world’s first 5G E2E network slicing solution

ZTE Telecom at MWC 2017
Telecom equipment maker ZTE has released the world’s first 5G E2E network slicing solution.

The 5G E2E network slicing solution allows the resource of a physical network to be flexibly allocated into multiple virtualized network slices to adapt to the needs of industrial services, such as industrial control, automatic driving, intelligent power grid and remote medical treatment.

ZTE’s solution is an all cloud-based network slicing solution across 5G RAN, core network and bearer network. The solution — based on micro-service architecture — realizes the convergence of the unified air interface, the virtualized core network and the SDN-based bearer network.

The ZTE 5G E2E network slicing solution also supports the life-cycle management of end-to-end network slices through its intelligent operation and orchestration system. It can support the on-demand customization of network slices and the real-time provisioning. The solution incorporates a policy engine empowered by AI to improve the intelligent operation and service assurance capabilities of the 5G network.

“5G E2E network slicing solution is a milestone towards 5G commercialization, providing an industrial leading implementation method of network slice. It turns the network slice into an operational and valuable product for the vertical industry,” said You Yan, vice president at ZTE.