A1 selects LotusFlare to launch digital network service

A1 Group has selected LotusFlare, a provider of a digital commerce and monetization service, to launch re:do, a digital network service brand.
A1 5G network Belarus
A1 Group’s vision is to digitize and simplify the classic telecommunications customer experience beyond telecom-only capabilities. A1 Group selected LotusFlare DNO Cloud for the technology foundation of its refreshed and simplified approach to delivering digital communication services.

“LotusFlare supported A1 Group by contributing an Internet mindset and their cloud-native software as the technology foundation for re:do,” Alexander Kuchar, Director of Technology & Future Services of A1 Group, said.

A1 Group has around 26 million customers. It is operating in seven countries under the brand A1: Austria, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, the Republic of Serbia, Slovenia and the Republic of North Macedonia. A1 Group achieved revenues of 5.0 billion Euros by year-end 2022.