AAPT powers its Media Connect service with Signiant

Telecom Lead Asia: Australian telecommunications
infrastructure company AAPT has selected Signiant’s software technology to
enable its new service called Media Connect.


AAPT’s Media Connect will provide Australian broadcast
and media companies with a secure end-to-end solution for receiving, storing,
and transferring large media files.


“This partnership builds on our existing agreements
with international alliances, enabling users of the AAPT Media Connect service
powered by Signiant to exchange content with partners and other creative
agencies in major international centers including London and Los Angeles,”
said David Yuile, CEO at AAPT.


The news service by AAPT is provides broadcasters and the
media community with a gateway that facilitates rapid, cost-effective content
distribution across Australia as well as to and from major media hubs


“Media Connect enables AAPT customers to link up
with tens of thousands of media professionals across the globe who use our
software to accelerate, automate and secure file deliveries,” said Rick
Cramer, Senior Vice President of Global Operations for Signiant.


AAPT Media Connect uses a hosted Signiant service that
allows private and public content exchange or a combination of both.


AAPT said that its network will provide flexible models
to the market, applicable to all levels and sizes of the media community, with
low barriers to entry.


Broadcasters in Australia using AAPT Media Connect as the
gateway for the delivery of material will be able use a DMZ covering both
domestic and international distribution and acquisition.


Ciena powers 100G inter-capital network of AAPT


Recently, AAPT and Ciena Corporation announced the first
commercially-available 100G inter-capital network, operating between Melbourne
and Sydney.


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