Airtel Africa Capex, revenue and Opex in July-Sept quarter

Airtel Africa has revealed the company’s Capex, revenue and Opex during the July-September quarter of 2022.
Airtel Africa in KenyaAirtel Africa said its Capex increased by 26.9 percent to $310 million.

Additionally, Airtel Africa acquired spectrum in key markets including DRC and Kenya.

Airtel Africa’s customer base increased to 134.7 million, up 9.7 percent, with increased penetration across mobile data (customer base up 10.6 percent) and mobile money services (customer base up 24.0 percent).

Airtel Africa has achieved ARPU growth of 7.2 percent, largely driven by increased usage across voice, data and mobile money.

Mobile money transaction value increased by 31.7 percent, to an annualized value of $86.1 billion in Q2’23.

Airtel Africa said revenue grew by 12.9 percent in the half, to $2.565 billion, and 12.7 percent for Q2’23.

Airtel Africa said growth of mobile services revenue was 19.7 percent in Nigeria, 12.4 percent in in East Africa and 12.1 percent in Francophone Africa.

Airtel Africa said it achieved 15.6 percent growth in mobile services revenue, 12 percent in voice revenue and 22.1 percent in data revenue.

Airtel Africa said Mobile Money revenue grew by 29.5 percent, driven by growth of 31.5 percent in East Africa and 23.6 percent in Francophone Africa.

Airtel Africa said EBITDA increased by 14.3 percent to $1.255 billion, with an EBITDA margin of 48.9 percent, an increase of 60 basis points.