Airtel investment in India up 28% in fiscal 2016

Airtel 3G tower
Bharti Airtel on Wednesday said it made an investment of $895 million ($1,037 million) towards Capex (capital expenditure) in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2016.

Airtel invested $3.1 billion (+10.3 percent) towards Capex in fiscal 2016.

Growth in investment toward Capex (capital spending) by Airtel India was 28 percent to Rs 15,165.5 crore during fiscal 2016. The substantial increase in its investment reflects the company’s Project Leap program announced in November 2015. Bharti Airtel made investment in expanding 3G  and 4G networks across India during the last financial year.

The company accelerated its spends on Capex which was mostly directed towards building data capacities, increasing 3G and 4G coverage and improving customer experience. Airtel rolled out over 63,000 mobile broadband (MBB) base stations in India.

Bharti Airtel’s India operations invested Rs 11,983.5 crore (+29 percent) in mobile business, Rs 506.8 (+38 percent) in telemedia business and Rs 784.2 crore (+40 percent) during fiscal 2016.

Airtel India’s Capex grew just 1 percent to Rs 4,144.1 crore during the fourth quarter. The marginal growth in Q4 is despite Bharti Airtel’s announcement to invest Rs 60,000 crore in three years and the ongoing 4G expansion across India.

Capex of Airtel India’s in its mobile service business dipped 2 percent to Rs 3,380.6 crore in Q4. Airtel’s investment in telemedia business fell 33 percent to Rs 112 crore. Airtel invested Rs 294.3 crore (+121 percent) in digital TV business. Airtel made an investment of Rs 109.2 crore (+194 percent) in enterprise business.

Airtel’s investment in Africa fell 23 percent to $276 million.

Bharti Airtel’s total investment in Africa, India and South Asia was Rs 20,591.9 crore in fiscal 2016.

Baburajan K
[email protected]