Airtel to invest $ 125 million in Gabon

Airtel will invest $ 125 million in Gabon.

Manoj Kohli, managing director & CEO International, Airtel, recently made this commitment to Gabon President Ali Bongo Ondimba at a conference — the New York Forum — in Libreville.

“We are in Gabon for the long haul and will support both commercial and social programs. These include the deployment of a 3G and 4G network, when made available, to help businesses and the youth access world class data services,” said Manoj Kohli, managing director & CEO International.

Airtel will also support youth driven activity like soccer and the support of a young Gabonese ICT entrepreneurship program to provide ICT training to 10,000 youth over the next 3 years.

The telecom operator plans to develop training programs on ICT business in collaboration with local training schools.

150 million young people are unemployed across the African continent.

Gabon aims to have a countrywide digital infrastructure by 2016, thus enabling the development of a wide range of e-services, which will give rise to a major qualitative improvement in social services and create the foundations for Gabon.

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