AT&T and Accenture launch medical imaging solution

Accenture and AT&T have launched a new medical
imaging solution that will enhance the capabilities of health professionals and
radiologists to electronically share, review and store medical images.

The Accenture Medical Imaging Solution, enabled by
AT&T, can help medical professionals review patient images instantly, allow
radiologists to see more patients and improve technology costs and profitability.

The solution can enable national hospital networks to
centrally manage medical images and collaborate efficiently with other
institutions, physicians and radiologists.

The Accenture Medical Imaging Solution will be offered to
U.S. hospitals.

The Accenture benefit assessment and optimization
analysis is a process that helps hospitals and other care providers connected
by this solution to share their capacity for storing medical images and
information. The offer includes features that can help hospitals efficiently
manage radiology services.

The Accenture exchange will help to match supply and
demand of radiology facilities and services. This can provide community-based
hospitals with access to radiology services from medical centers, enabled by
AT&T’s network and cloud hosting capabilities.

The AT&T Medical Imaging and Information Management
solution, a vendor-neutral, cloud-based service, helps providers to store,
access, view and share patient medical images from virtually anywhere over a
highly-secure infrastructure. The pay-as-you-go storage pricing helps providers
to store medical images easily and avoid costly capital investment in storage

“Access to an accurate, cost-effective diagnosis
will significantly improve all aspects of health delivery,” said Derek
Danois, who leads medical imaging for Accenture

“Accenture’s systems integration experience coupled
with AT&T’s cloud-based technologies means hospitals can have virtually
real-time access to medical images while reducing healthcare costs,” said
Randall Porter, assistant vice president, AT&T ForHealth.

Medical imaging management is one of the health
industry’s biggest challenges, and providers increasingly are turning to
cloud-based solutions. Roughly 73 percent of healthcare organizations plan to
shift imaging data storage to the cloud, in some capacity, while 32 percent actively
use some form of cloud solutions, according to an Accenture study.

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