Ciena to power SingTel’s ConnectPlus IPLC network expansion

Telecom Lead Asia: Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) is expanding its ConnectPlus IPLC network.

The Asian telecom major has deployed Ciena’s 5410 Packet-Optical Reconfigurable Switch System (RSS) and OneConnect Intelligent Control Plane software to enhance its ConnectPlus IPLC network.

SingTel’s expansion of IPLC network is aimed at enhancing network that links key business hubs in Asia, Europe and USA.

“At SingTel, customers’ business priorities have always been our key focus. With the implementation of these latest technologies in our network, customers’ networks will be future-ready for the delivery of ICT services across multiple geographies,” said Goh Boon Huat, vice president of Business Products, SingTel.

“We can help our customers achieve greater business advantage by allowing them to deploy data-intensive applications such as video conferencing, multimedia, data analysis and business continuity planning,” Huat added.

The telecom major in emerging telecom markets will be able to gain more market share as the network will allow enterprises to enjoy data transfers of up to 10Gbps per single connection. This will enable enterprises to harness the benefits of ICT across regions.

SingTel has more than 135 points of presence across over 80 global cities worldwide. To enhance its ConnectPlus IPLC & E-Line services, SingTel used Ciena’s 5410 RSS links SingTel’s points-of-presence to provide aggregation, grooming and switching of SONET/SDH, OTN and leased line, and Ethernet traffic in a resilient mesh network design across existing submarine capacity.

Ciena said this deployment is a significant enhancement compared to traditional SONET/SDH only switching and augments SingTel’s high-capacity leased line and Ethernet services. Moreover, this deployment unlocks the delivery of tiered service levels, and differentiated service offerings such as Optical Virtual Private Networks (O-VPN).

Ciena’s OneConnect Intelligent Control Plane technology allows SingTel to detect faults and automatically switch data traffic to backup routes as needed. This can be accomplished within 50 milliseconds. It allows SingTel business customers to minimize the impact of breakages due to cable cuts, earthquakes and network outages.

“Our OneConnect advanced restoration capabilities will help SingTel mitigate unexpected cable cuts – whether man-made, or the result of a natural catastrophe — providing critical protection in a region prone to unpredictable weather patterns,” said Anthony McLachlan, vice president and general manager, Asia Pacific, Ciena.

(image source in this article from asiaone)

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