Cross River Fiber to build dark fiber network to IO NEW JERSEY data center

Cross River Fiber, a dark fiber optic and
telecommunications solutions provider, announced it will build a dark fiber
network to IO NEW JERSEY, the largest modular data center in existence.

IO NEW JERSEY is the latest modular data center from IO, the provider
of digital energy technology. Cross River Fiber designs, constructs and
maintains its own independent fiber-optic network infrastructure, providing an
alternate solution to Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers, for organizations
seeking connectivity and bandwidth without restriction.

Cross River Fiber’s fully owned and operated fiber optic
network, together with IO ANYWHERE‘s modular data center technology
platform, provides customers the access and capacity they need to run their

With more than 831,000 square feet of available space, IO
NEW JERSEY is a carrier-neutral data center with connectivity to the world’s
largest network providers. At IO, cross-connects are free and together with
Cross River Fiber’s ultra-reliable, secure network, IO will offer an
alternative bandwidth solution to its New Jersey facility.

“As a specialist in fiber infrastructure and
right-of-ways, Cross River Fiber will provide IO NEW JERSEY with dark fiber
connectivity that is diverse from other carriers’ footprints and completely
scalable,” said Anthony Wanger, president of IO.

“IO looks forward to working with Cross River Fiber
to provide customers the bandwidth required to connect the major carrier hotels
and financial exchanges in and around the New Jersey metro area,” Wanger added.

“Cross River Fiber’s custom designed bandwidth
options create a unique route for IO,” said Vincenzo Clemente, founder and
CEO of Cross River Fiber.

“The data center industry is experiencing rapid
growth and as demand is increasing, providing a dark fiber connection into IO
NEW JERSEY is the foundation for further strategic fiber builds. The
opportunity for future interconnections to international cable landing stations
in New Jersey is possible with Cross River Fiber’s scalable, dark fiber network
solutions,” Clemente added.

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