Denmark announces result of spectrum auction

Denmark announced the results of the spectrum auction in 700 MHz, 900 MHz and 2300 MHz bands.
Nokia 5G base station
Telia Company secured frequencies in the 700 MHz and 900 MHz bands.

TT Network, the 50-50 infrastructure company of Telia Company and Telenor responsible for operating and developing the Radio Access Network – acquired the spectrum.

Telia Company has secured access to 2×5 MHz in the 700 MHz band. The price for the new frequencies is DKK 107.6 million.

Telia Company has acquired 2×10 MHz in the 900 MHz band at no upfront cost but against a roll-out commitment. The licenses granted are valid for 20 years for the 700 MHz band and 15 years for the 900 MHz band.

TT Network is Denmark’s largest mobile network with more than 4,300 antenna positions. The network has more than 3.5 million mobile users and includes both 2G, 3G and 4G technologies.

Telia Company has selected Nokia to begin the first Danish 5G live tests in the TT-network during the second quarter of 2019.