Deutsche Telekom revises renewable energy targets

Deutsche Telekom today said it is aiming to achieve a 100 percent use of electricity from renewable energy sources as early as 2021.
Deutsche Telekom network EuropeDeutsche Telekom is planning to reduce its CO2 emissions by 90 percent by 2030 compared to 2017. It is also focusing on emissions from the supply chain and that customers generate when using our products and solutions.

The objective is to reduce the CO2 emissions per customer by 25 percent by 2030 compared to 2017. T-Mobile US will also be included in the Deutsche Telekom Group climate protection target.

Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hottges said: “The revised renewable energy targets sends an important signal to our customers because sustainability is an important purchasing criterion.”

Deutsche Telekom’s previous climate target of decreasing emissions by 20 percent by 2020 compared to 2008 will continue to apply until next year. Deutsche Telekom Group said it is on track to meet this target.