Docomo Pacific says cyber attack impacted systems

Docomo Pacific, a provider of mobile communication services in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, has revealed that a cyber attack has negatively impacted its systems.
Docomo Pacific shopRod Boss, president and CEO of Docomo Pacific, a subsidiary of NTT Docomo, said the cybersecurity incident occurred on Friday attacked some of servers.

“Immediate failsafe protocols were initiated by our cybersecurity technicians to shut down affected servers and to isolate the intrusion. Your customer data is safe. Our mobile network and fiber service remain unaffected,” Rod Boss said.

“This outage has created a huge disruption and has extended through the weekend and for some customers, into this week. We have mobilized all technical resources 24 x 7. We make progress in addressing the incident, however, this remains an evolving and dynamic situation,” Rod Boss said.

Docomo has restored all Internet services.

Docomo said its mobile network was isolated and was not impacted. “If you subscribe to dTV+ and are still experiencing service issues, please contact Customer Care. Credits will be applied to your bill. If service issues persist in Digital Home Phone, you need to contact Customer Care.”

Docomo said its stores and call centers are operating with limited functionality.