Du trials SDAN technology on NG-PON to establish intelligent network

Du retail storeDu has conducted the trial of SDAN technology on NG-PON in a bid to establish an intelligent network capable of supporting future needs including 5G.

The trial demonstrates how du can use SDAN to build intelligent networks that can adapt to the needs of the consumers.

Du used Nokia’s SDAN solution to accelerate innovation through a more open, automated network environment to deploy new intelligent services.

Nokia said its software-defined networking (SDN) technology will assist du to program and automate its PON network, du can increase network performance for highly demanding businesses and 5G use cases, accelerate time-to-revenue and enhance the network usage experience by its fixed and mobile customers.

du can use Nokia’s SDAN solution to:

# Showcase capabilities such as transport network for future 5G mobile access networks, network slicing and wavelength mobility

# Automate network workflows with self-healing and optimizing capabilities that reduce the time and complexity needed to address network issues and meet the mission critical needs of a futuristic network

# Leverage open cloud-based platforms that accelerate the delivery of new capabilities and flexible service offerings to end users

“The trial Software Defined Access Network technology marks a progression for us as we move to a deeper virtualized network environment – allowing for faster response to proliferation of connected devices and varying network usage patterns. SDAN provides the network intelligence, automation and control we need to support emerging new uses cases like 5G,” said Marwan BinShakar, vice president Access & Transport Planning, du.

Federico Guillen, president of Nokia’s Fixed Networks Business Group, said Nokia is the industry leader in SDAN with more than 30 customer trials and demos.