Ericsson to assist AT&T Digital Life to reach global telecoms

Telecom network maker Ericsson said it is in talks with AT&T to offer its sales channels and technical expertise to sell AT&T Digital Life smart home platform to telecoms outside of the United States.

AT&T Digital Life, a home security and automation system, allows service providers to extend their services and consumers to manage their homes from virtually anywhere via smartphone, wearable, tablet or computer.

Ericsson said Digital Life can introduce new features by integrating devices and services from third parties in a reliable, highly secure and scalable manner.

Global service providers can incorporate the Digital Life platform into their networks to meet the growing demand for connected home services.

AT&T and Ericsson are exploring how to simplify the ability of companies outside the U.S. to enter the smart home business. Ericsson may help test and integrate the AT&T Digital Life platform onto the licensing company’s systems as well as providing post-launch support.

Jean-Philippe Poirault, head of Consulting and Systems Integration, Ericsson, said: “Our strong customer relationships with operators around the globe, our local presence and our unique technology and services capabilities will help accelerate the uptake of the smart home market, making this an ideal collaboration.”

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