Eutelsat Communications revenue increases by 4.6% to 602.4 million pounds

By Telecom Lead Team: Eutelsat Communications revenues
rose 4.6 percent to 602.4 million pounds for the first-half of 2011against
575.9 million pounds in year-ago period.


Eutelsat Communications posted first-half 2011 group net
income of 156.8 million pounds compared to 174.4 million pounds in the same
period last year, down 10.1 percent.


The Group continues to target revenues of above 1,235
million pounds for fiscal year 2011-2012.


Revenues Video Applications recorded growth of
2.9 percent to 403.3 million pounds. Sequential growth from the first to the
second quarter was 3.5 percent as revenues benefited from additional capacity
provided by the two new satellites.


Total revenues for data and value-added
services were 117.8 million pounds, up by 0.8 percent for the first half.


The first segment of this activity, Data Services,
grew by 2.2 percent to 95.2 million pounds. Revenues for value added
services stood at 22.7 million pounds, down 4.7 percent. 


Multi-usage activity, which includes short-term
contracts to governments and administrations who buy transponder capacity from
commercial operators to meet specific needs in certain regions, recorded
another half year increase of 29.9 percent, to 74.4 million pounds.


Recently, Eutelsat Communications inked a deal with
NomoTech, a provider of wireless broadband services, to rollout the Tooway
satellite broadband service in France.


Tooway was delivered by Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite to
NomoTech, which accelerates broadband deployment to users beyond ADSL,
contributing to closing France’s broadband gap.


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