INOVENTICA to offer cloud services


infrastructure service provider in Russia, is ready to offer cloud computing
services to public and private customers. The company will use a DWDM optical
transport network from Nokia Siemens Networks to deliver its services. The
network is capable of delivering services at 40G (gigabits per second) to 83
Russian regions.


The development of our
own high-tech IT infrastructure with an advanced transport network is a
strategically important step for us,” said Vladimir Scherbinin, general
director, INOVENTICA. Expansion of the backbone capacity using advanced
technologies from Nokia Siemens Networks will help us improve the quality of
services delivered to end-users.”


Private clouds address
the security concerns of large enterprises and public sector companies.
Moreover, cloud computing helps them focus on their core priorities without
getting concerned with technology implementation,” said Kristina Tikhonova,
general director, Nokia Siemens Networks, Russia.


The solution provided by
Nokia Siemens Networks is
based on its multi-reach hiT 7300 DWDM platform that uses coherent transmission
technology, in particular a modulation format called CP-QPSK (coherent
polarization multiplexed quadrature phase shift keying). The platform offers
effective 40 Gbps optical channel network design, low-latency connections, and
enables an overall reduction in deployment cost and time. It also reduces the
operating expenditure and speeds up service delivery.


Nokia Siemens Networks
has also supplied its TNMS (Transmission Network Management System) that
provides end-to-end administration and performance monitoring for the complete
network. TNMS improves operational efficiency, reduces costs for service
delivery and simplifies network operations.


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