Manx Telecom deploys Empirix service assurance solution for mobile networks

Telecom Lead Europe: Manx Telecom has selected
Empirix to ensure the availability and performance of its next generation

The telecommunications solutions provider has replaced
its previously fragmented network monitoring approach with the Empirix E-XMS
service assurance solution to gain visibility and a unified view of customer
experience and the underyling network performance.

“We began the NGN project to offer a better customer
experience and soon realized that our fragmented approach to network monitoring
was not consistent with that goal,” said Mike Loundes, technology and
customer services director of Manx Telecom.

With the selection of Empirix E-XMS service assurance
solution, Manx Telecom can now quickly troubleshoot issues across its complex
network environment and proactively correct problems before they impact

“With Empirix E-XMS, we are arming them with the
visibility they need to preempt issues and resolve problems before they impact
customers. We look forward to helping Manx Telecom ensure optimum network
performance and customer satisfaction for its world-leading NGN deployment,”
said Bob Hockman, vice president of product management of Empirix.

Empirix E-XMS Service Assurance Platform mitigates the
network management challenges associated with mobile and fixed line

In addition, it provides service providers like Manx
Telecom with a customer-centric approach to service assurance monitoring,
collecting data on voice, video and data services, as well as application and
network performance.

Manx Telecom recently launched its Next Generation
Network (NGN) program to combine mobile and fixed line services onto a secure,
resilient IP-based network. Furthermore, the company was the first in Europe to
launch a live 3G network and now provides 3G coverage to 98 percent of the Isle
of Man.


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