Monthly outgoing SMS per mobile user dips 22.6% to 34 in Q3 2011-12

Telecom Lead India: Outgoing SMS per subscriber per month
declined by 22.6 percent to 34 in quarter ending December 2011 from 45 in
September 2011.


This decline could be the result of the introduction of
ceiling on SMS numbers by telecom regulator TRAI to curb unsolicited commercial
communications, as this is the first full quarter after the regulation.


In the case of CDMA operators, outgoing SMS per
subscriber per month has gone down to 14 in quarter ending December 2011 from
15 in quarter ending September 2011.


Indian telecom service sector reports 1.16% dip in gross
revenue to Rs 49,365 crore in Q3 2011


Gross revenue of telecom service sector in India during
Q3 ending December 2011 was Rs 49,365 crore, showing a decrease of 1.16 percent
compared to Q2 2011.


The year-on-year growth in gross revenue over the same
quarter last year was 15.03 percent. Pass-through charges accounted for 30.96
percent of the GR for the quarter ending December 2011.


The number of telephone subscribers in India increased to
926.53 million at the end of December 2011 from 906.93 million in September
2011, registering a growth of 2.16 percent over the previous quarter as against
2.36 percent during the September 2011.


Rural subscription increased from 305.51 million to
315.33 million, and the rural teledensity increased from 36.40 to 37.48. Share
of rural areas in total subscription has increased from 33.69 percent at the
end of September 2011 to 34.03 percent at the end of December 2011.


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