One third of 3G users face network issue daily in Indian telecom market

Telecom Lead India: Ericsson said 3G consumers are
facing teething issues around network coverage, quality and lack of a mechanism
to monitor their usage. Around one third of 3G users faced network related
issue at least once daily. Handset battery draining faster and data connection
reliability are other major concerns.


According to Ericsson ConsumerLab study, teens are the
major consumers of 3G, and uptake of 3G is impacting the usage of mobile
broadband in Indian mobile market in a bigger way. Mobile broadband is
emerging as a gateway to their first internet experience on smartphones.


With the advent of technologies like 3G, users prefer accessing
internet on their Smartphones powered by mobile broadband despite having
multiple devices to access internet at home, simply because of the ease of use,
according to Ericsson ConsumerLab study.


Ericsson India conducted the between November 2011 and
January 2012 to assess the impact of the roll-out of 3G in India. 5000
Smartphone users across India between the age group of 15-45 were
interviewed. The study aims to understand how 3G on Smartphones has impacted
usage pattern, end users’ experience on 3G network.


The study assessed the various drivers and barriers for
further mobile broadband adoption. It also investigates the roles different
devices play in accessing the internet and, in particular, focuses on how
Smartphones are affecting user behaviour and network choices in India. 

Mobile Broadband and 3G provide them the flexibility to
access internet anywhere and everywhere. We see that mobile broadband is
reshaping consumer behavior with 3G users browsing more frequently and using
services for a longer period of time. 3G users seem to have also accelerated
usage of social media and mobile video,”¬Ě said Ajay Gupta, head of Marketing
& Strategy, Ericsson India.

Most of the users are early adopters and all they care about
is technology sophistication; however the more pragmatic wave of adopters
sitting on the sidelines, who have the money to spend on 3G services, will
demand that the technology proves its promise before they jump onto it.

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