SK Telecom taps Cisco and Nokia for expansion of 5G-PON

SK Telecom 5G-PON
SK Telecom is set to sign an agreement with telecom equipment companies such as Cisco Systems and Nokia — for the global expansion of 5G-PON.

5G-PON, one of 5G network’s core technologies, connects Radio Unit (RU) such as antennas and heavy machineries installed at the premises with Baseband Unit (BBU).

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In comparison to the 4G-LTE era, engineers should set up base stations more densely in the 5G era as the volume of transmitted data increases exponentially. This is because the network that transmits wireless data signals received at the point of network users to Baseband Unit grows.

5G-PON technology can improve the quality of mobile communications in remote rural areas. Engineers can operate 5G-PON without a power switch, ensuing convenience for engineers to deploy the same outdoors.

5G-PON can facilitate the process of data delivery by installing base stations and antennas without the need of additional networks. This means the solution can be more conveniently and quickly implemented nation-wide. 5G-PON also uses about 20 percent less time for the 5G deployment compared to the 4G-LTE.

SK Telecom in 2016 sold RingMUX, its fronthaul solution for LTE network, to US-based telecom operator Verizon.

SK Telecom in September 2017 signed a contract with Indian telecom operator Bharti Airtel to export its AI network solution.

“SK Telecom is focused on securing innovative network technology to provide our customers with the safest and most stable 5G communications,” said Kang Jong-ryeol, executive vice president of ICT Infra Center, SK Telecom.