SoftBank enhances revenue from mobile and broadband

SoftBank said its telecom business revenue rose 4 percent to JPY 1,336 billion during the first half of fiscal 2019-20.
SoftBank 5G networkSoftBank has generated revenue of JPY 848.2 billion (805.3 billion) from mobile services business, JPY 190.5 billion (175.7 billion) from broadband and JPY 297.4 billion (308 billion) from handsets.

SoftBank said its mobile customer base increased to 23.03 million in Q2 fiscal 2019-20 from 21.09 million in Q2 fiscal 2018-19.

SoftBank broadband customer base increased to 7.76 million from 7.38 million.

SoftBank’s enterprise revenue increased to JPY 314.1 billion from JPY 301.6 billion driven by business solutions, fixed phone service and mobile services.

Capital expenditures (including the Yahoo Japan Group) were ¥105,927 million, an increase of JPY 8,739 million year on year, mainly due to a decrease in capital investments in the LTE service, in the three months ended June 30, 2019.

Quarterly performance

Revenue increased by JPY 22,765 million (3.6 percent) year on year to JPY 658,070 million. SoftBank’s telecom service revenues increased by JPY 30,104 million (6.2 percent) year on year to JPY 518,375 million.

SoftBank’s mobile communications revenue increased by JPY 22,869 million (5.7 percent) — due to an increase in smartphone subscribers and a decrease in monthly discounts in line with an increase in subscribers to Ultra Giga Monster Plus.

SoftBank’s broadband revenue increased by JPY 7,235 million (8.2 percent) — mainly due to an increase in subscribers to the SoftBank Hikari fiber-optic service. Revenues from sales of goods and others decreased JPY 7,339 million (5.0 percent) to JPY 139,695 million mainly due to a decrease in mobile device sales reflecting a decrease in the sales volume of mobile devices

SoftBank’s operating expenses was JPY 452,333 million, an increase of JPY 8,296 million (1.9 percent) — due to increases in cost of products for the Ouchi Denki service, as well as increases in sales related expenses such as sales commissions and advertising expenses due to conducting aggressive sales promotion activities.