Sprint expands M2M ecosystem capabilities

global M2M connections forecast to grow 36 percent annually through 2020,
Sprint has targeted four high-growth segments as the umbrella focus of its M2M
development activities and offerings: Connected Transportation; Connected
Meters, Sensors & Alarms; Connected Machines, Screens & Things; and
Connected Personal Devices.

Sprint has strategically
categorized M2M growth markets based on 12 years of experience developing
industry-specific M2M opportunities for its customers and partners, using an
open network approach.

connecting a vast array of electronic devices, M2M is opening new opportunities
to improve business and personal life, often in dramatic and transforming ways.
This includes anticipated substantial positive impacts on environmental
sustainability, safety on the road and in the workplace, more effective and
less costly health care, increased security for communities and companies, and
more efficient energy consumption,” said Wayne Ward, vice president-Emerging Solutions
Group, Sprint.

four growth segments have attracted a large and expanding complement of
partners to Sprint’s M2M ecosystem, with wide-ranging benefits driving the
market for M2M solutions. Some of those benefits and partners are described here:

Key growth drivers in the M2M Connected
Transportation segment include cost savings, increased productivity, and
greater driver safety for businesses; infotainment, convenience and safety for
consumers; and green benefits for everyone.
The Aberdeen Group estimates that
next-generation connectivity in vehicles can produce fuel cost savings of more
than 13 percent and operating cost improvement of more than 10 percent.

ecosystem partners and customers are bringing benefits like these to market, including
the following:

Applus Technologies recently announced that its A+
Tracker is certified on the Sprint network. A+ Tracker is a simple,
self-installed vehicle telematics device that can flag anything from a teen’s
distracted driving to a taxi driver’s excessive speed. A+ Tracker captures and
transmits data across more than 70 critical vehicle and driver-performance

Trimble teamed with Sprint earlier this year to
provide U.S. government agencies a broad range of fleet-management capabilities
and solutions, including vehicle monitoring, diagnostics, driver safety and
identification services. Together, Trimble and Sprint solutions are expected to
enable agencies to reduce operating costs, manage mileage, reduce idle time and
emissions, and improve safety.

Enterprise Fleet Management, together with Sprint, offers Mobile
Resource Manager, a fleet-management solution that allows fleet operators to
monitor vehicle location, dispatch jobs, send driving directions and text
drivers, all in real time with this M2M solution powered by the Sprint 3G

combat distracted driving, DriveCam
developed a device wirelessly enabled by Sprint that turns on a camera when
g-forces indicate a driver is driving dangerously. The camera records the
dangerous action and notifies a responsible party – usually the parents or
fleet manager. This and other M2M applications have emerged as valuable safety
tools against distracted driving, which killed nearly 5,500 people in 2009,
according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

the recent acquisition of Fusion Wireless, u-blox has become a Sprint preferred wireless module
provider. u-blox is a leading provider of embedded wireless communication
solutions for the consumer, industrial and automotive markets offering
solutions that enable people, devices, vehicles and machines to locate their
exact position and wirelessly communicate via voice, text or video.

Audiovox Electronics and Sprint are collaborating to
deliver a Location Based Services and On Board Device system that will allow
consumers to employ a variety of safety and convenience features designed to
enhance their driving experience and vehicle management.

has drawn on 12 years of experience with our open approach to device
connectivity and categorized M2M growth into a focused, strategic framework for
our customers and partners.

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