T-Mobile and Tele2 in telecom site sharing deal in Netherlands

T-Mobile Netherlands and Tele2 Netherlands will share T-Mobile’s telecom sites.

As per the telecom tower sharing deal announced today, Tele2 Netherlands will access majority of antenna sites on rooftops and towers, in addition to its own sites in the Netherlands.

Both telecoms will however roll out and operate their own frequencies and nationwide mobile communication network independently.

Moreover, Tele2 has extended the MVNO agreement for 2G and 3G with T-Mobile Netherlands for a period of 5 years.

T mobile

The site sharing deal will benefit T-Mobile and Tele2 as they can lower maintenance costs of the physical mobile network. Tele2 will be able to roll out its 4G network at lesser costs.

The extended MVNO agreement also serves as a fallback solution after the completion of Tele2’s own 4G network roll-out.

Both T-Mobile and Tele2 will be installing their own network equipment at each site, but will share the antennas on rooftops or towers and the instalment of other non-intelligent hardware.

“We can now incorporate the access to the T-Mobile sites in the total roll-out planning, which enables Tele2 to efficiently build a nationwide 4G-network,” said Gunther Vogelpoel, CEO, Tele2 Netherlands.

Earlier this year, T-Mobile Netherlands started its network modernization program for 2G and 3G and the roll-out of its 4G network. As per this program, the company invests hundreds of millions of euros to modernize its current network and roll out its 4G network.

“This agreement will free up funding which we are able to reinvest to further differentiate ourselves from competition in customer services,” said Thomas Berlemann, managing director, T-Mobile Netherlands.

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