Tektronix Awarded Contract with Pelephone for Extension of Optimon System

Tektronix Communications
announced it has been selected by Pelephone, an Israeli-based telecom service
operator, to extend its already installed OptiMon solution to additional sites to
monitor and optimize the performance of their 3G Radio Access Network.


Pelephone will integrate Tektronix
Communications’ OptiMon as a critical element of
their overall approach to ensuring the highest levels of network quality for
their customer base.


Our success in the market
is based on providing our customers with highest standards in quality mobile
experience,” said Eitan Hacham, Radio Access manager, Pelephone.


The initial installation
of OptiMon at one of our Radio Network Controllers has helped us to identify
and address network issues quickly and proactively, achieve the critical
insight and real-time information needed to manage our networks, and provide
the high network quality that our customers have come to expect,” Hacham added.


Tektronix Communications’
OptiMon solution allows Pelephone to identify the root cause of quality of
service issues in real-time through its advanced suite of applications
specifically designed to improve 3G radio network performance and optimize
troubleshooting operations to achieve increased efficiency productivity.


We are proud of the
collaborative relationship we have with Pelephone and the significant benefits
it provides for both companies,” said Richard Kenedi, vice president, Test and
Optimization, Tektronix Communications. By deploying our OptiMon solution,
Pelephone is enabled to improve the performance of their network and fully meet
customer satisfaction objectives.”

OptiMon is an integrated
suite of products that gather performance data from all the equipment on RAN
interfaces (Iub, Iu, Iur). Captured data is analyzed to provide KPIs and long
term trending analysis. Beyond detecting performance issues, users can also
drill down into protocol detail level to determine root cause analysis.


By TelecomLead.com Team