Telefonica makes $7.7 bn investment in first nine months

TELEFONICA subscriber base in Q3 2015
Telecom network operator Telefonica has made an investment of 7,101 million euros or $7.7 billion during the first nine months of 2015.

Telefonica said is made an investment of 423 million euros in networks in Spain, 242 million euros in Deutschland, 540 million euros in Brazil, 729 million euros in Hispanoamerica, 229 million euros in Argentina, 105 million euros in Chile, 110 million euros in Peru, 95 million euros in Colombia, 55 million euros in Mexico, 91 million euros in Venezuela and Central America, 38 million euros in Ecuador.

The 44.4 percent increase in Capex (capital spending) of Telefonica was aimed at the transformation and differentiation of the networks in order to strengthen its leadership in the main markets, and to respond to the growing demand regarding data consumption.

Telefonica said its fiber networks reached 13.4 million premises in Spain, and 16.6 million in Brazil, while the LTE coverage in Germany reached 73 percent of the entire population at the end of the third quarter.

Fiber accesses grew 4 times to 5.8 million, reaching a net addition of 385,000 accesses, supported by T. Spain (+230,000) and T. Brasil (+148,000).

Telefonica revenues rose 4.8 percent to 11,919 million euros or $12.9 billion in the third quarter of 2015 — boosted by 19 percent increase in mobile data revenues.

“Third quarter results reflected acceleration in organic growth figures derived from increased commercial momentum, mainly in high-value products and services,” said Cesar Alierta, executive chairman of Telefonica.

Mobile data revenues grew 19.3 percent and represented 44 percent of mobile service revenues, leveraged on higher smartphone penetration and the growing weight of LTE customers.

65 percent of Group revenues come from its operations in Spain, Brazil, and Germany, while Hispanoamerica represents 30 percent of all revenues.

Net income of Telefonica fell 1.9 percent in July-September to 884 million euros.

Net debt of Telefonica stood at 49,691 million euros as of September 2015 and decreased 1,547 million euros in the quarter.

Baburajan K
[email protected]