Telkomsel taps SoftAtHome to improve quality of experience

SoftAtHome, a software provider, is enabling Telkomsel Indonesia to improve its end-user’s quality of experiences.
Telkomsel 4G IndonesiaEyes’ON Mobile enables Telkomsel, the sixth biggest mobile operator in the world, to monitor the quality of experience and services in an automated way for the end-users.

SoftAtHome has delivered an innovative technology embedded in end-user’s mobile applications, empowering them with self-care tools and complete diagnosis of their network. Such applications as My Telkomsel or ByU host the Eyes’ON Mobile SDK for accurate Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring directly from GPS-located smartphones.

Eyes’ON technology simplifies communication between Telkomsel and its subscribers: instead of calling the hotline when the end-user experiences an issue, an easy-to-use in-app ticketing feature allows instant notification to Telkomsel, resulting in faster more cost-effective problem resolution.

“We have an excellent collaboration with SoftAtHome’s experts in QoE and QoS, and we extensively use the Eyes’ON mobile application, whether for our enterprise or b2c customers. Since we launched the service, we have seen our customer satisfaction increase,” Alvo Ismail, General Manager of the Service and Experience Quality Division of Telkomsel, said.

“Our Eyes’ON solution allows fixed and mobile operators to improve and guarantee the best possible QoE and QoS, thanks to an end-to-end connected experience monitoring solution,” David Viret-Lange, CEO of SoftAtHome, said.