Telstra deploys MATRIXX to deliver real-time mobile data usage alerts

MATRIXX Software announced that Australia Telstra, a telecommunications provider in Australia, has deployed MATRIXX and its Convergent Charging solution to deliver real-time mobile data usage alerts to millions of Telstra customers.

MATRIXX Convergent Charging enables service providers to deploy a single real-time platform for rating, balance management and charging across all access networks, services, devices and payment methods, the company said.

Customers get data usage SMS alerts in real time when they have used 50 percent, 85 percent and 100 percent of their monthly data allowance.

With MATRIXX, Telstra can better protect customers from surprise data charges as Australians adopt high-speed 4G services, said Scott McGibbony, director of Mass Market Mobility at Telstra.


“Bill shock can be a real frustration for our customers. Mobile data usage alerts dispatched by mobile operators in Australia are typically delayed by up to 48 hours, meaning mobile users can receive an alert after they have exceeded their allowance,” McGibbony added.

The solution has also helped the telco improve the timeliness of data usage information available on its Telstra 24×7 app (iOS and Android) Telstra One app, My Plan Manager and My Account tools

Dave Labuda, founder, CEO and CTO, MATRIXX Software, commented, “The platform has enabled Telstra to provide a step-change in user experience for subscribers in terms of ability to control their mobile data usage, avoid excess charges and data usage queries, and will provide other new capabilities for Telstra in the future.”