US wireless operators’ performance revealed by RootMetrics

RootMetrics today revealed the mobile performance of telecom network operators – AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint – in the US during the first half of 2016.

During the first half of 2016, RootMetrics scouters drove 265,386 miles, visited 4,249 indoor locations, and conducted about 3.7 million tests across all 50 states and 125 metro areas using the same phones consumers can buy from the carriers’ stores, statistically reflecting performance across 100 percent of the US population.

US National RootScore Overall Performance rankings:
1 — Verizon (93.9)
2 — AT &T (89.9)
3 — Sprint (85.5)
4 — T-Mobile (82.5)

Network Reliability rankings:
1 — Verizon (95.7)
2 — AT &T (92.4)
3 — Sprint (90.1)
4 — T-Mobile (84.0)

Network Speed rankings:
1 — Verizon (91.0)
2 — AT &T (86.1)
3 — T-Mobile (85.8)
4 — Sprint (72.2)

Data Performance rankings:
1 — Verizon (95.6)
2 — AT &T (92.8)
3 — T-Mobile (89.9)
4 — Sprint (84.3)

Call Performance rankings:
1 — Verizon (91.2)
2 — Sprint (86.2)
3 — AT &T (85.2)
4 — T-Mobile (71.3)

Text Performance rankings:
1 — Verizon (96.9)
2 — AT &T (95.6)
3 — Sprint (94.1)
4 — T-Mobile (90.8)

Verizon is leading in mobile performance at the national level. Across the United States, Verizon took first-place awards in every aspect of mobile network performance testing.

Verizon went from earning second place in Text Performance in the 1st half of 2015 to tying AT&T for first place in the 2nd half of 2015, to now taking first place in the category during the latest round of testing. Verizon has received the United States Overall Performance RootScore Award.

AT&T trailed Verizon in a majority of categories at the national level. AT&T took second place in five of six categories at the national level, including key mobile aspects such as Overall Performance, Network Reliability, Network Speed, and Data and Text Performance. AT &T continues to be a consistent performer and strong competitor for Verizon at the national level.

Sprint remains in the third-place spot in Overall Performance in the United States. Though Sprint didn’t earn any first-place awards, the carrier continued to show improvements in the 1st half of 2016, edging past AT &T to take second place in the Call Performance category. The network held onto its third place rankings in Network Reliability and Text Performance.

T-Mobile continues to land in fourth place for Overall Performance at the national level; however, the carrier is continuing to make gains in Data Performance and Network Speed, taking a close third place in each category.