Verizon signs IT deal with Yamaha Motor

Yamaha Motor and Verizon
Telecom network operator Verizon announced its deal with Yamaha Motor to support two of its IT programs – cyber security and online experience.

The Shizuoka, Japan-based Yamaha Motor, which has more than 50,000 employees in 200 countries, will utilize Verizon’s Investigative Response (RISK) team to manage security risk, while Verizon Digital Media Services will be improving online customer experience.

Yamaha Motor, founded in 1955, aims to reduce cyber crime due to data breaches. Japanese National Police Agency indicates a 40 percent increase in cyber crime from 2014.

As per the IT deal, the automobile major will use Verizon’s Rapid Response Retainer to ensure access to its security assets, including digital forensics and computer incident response expertise.

“With the increased frequency and sophistication of cybercrime, there was a need to enhance our existing security measures. By creating an internal CSIRT, we are also able to further minimize the risks from any potential data breach,” said Taku Harako, senior supervisor of Yamaha Motor’s Process & IT Division.

Bryan Sartin, managing director of Verizon’s RISK Team, said: “The rapid response retainer improves customers’ ability to reliably recognize and react to cyber attacks in the future. If a customer is unfortunate enough to suffer a breach, our experts can come in at a moment’s notice, analyze the breach and its origins and develop solutions to prevent it from happening again.”

Yamaha Motor has also selected Verizon’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve its online customer experience. Tetsu Inagaki, manager of Yamaha Motor’s Process and IT Division, said that the company operates 131 websites globally.

Image source: Twitter