Videotron deploys customer experience management platform

Videotron Canada
Videotron, a telecom network operator in Canada, is deploying Motive Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform to identify and resolve equipment problems of its customers.

French telecom network vendor Alcatel-Lucent is supporting Videotron to manage and troubleshoot its customer’s Wi-Fi routers for the rapid activation of new services, automatic device updates and quicker response to customer care calls.

“With many different and changing Internet connected devices from many different companies, we often have to configure, update, monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot for each of our customers on any given day. Simplifying device management is critical for us to continue to provide the high level of service our customers have come to expect from Videotron,” said Pierre Roy Porretta, VP Engineering, Research and Development of Videotron.

Videotron, which provides video, voice, data and wireless services in Quebec province, is deploying the customer experience management solutions, to detect and resolve issues for Internet customers throughout Quebec.

As part of the telecom network deal, Alcatel-Lucent is providing Motive Home Device Manager (HDM), Motive Service Management Platform (SMP) and Motive Customer Service Console (CSC).

HDM enables Videotron to automatically provision, configure, make software updates and monitor customer premise equipment. Service agents can work with customers to remotely access their devices to troubleshoot and resolve issues faster when authorized.

Motive Service Management Platform (SMP) and Motive Customer Service Console (CSC) provides service agents with workflows and a unified view of back-end systems to resolve issues faster and reduce the amount of time that customers have to spend on the line.

Alcatel-Lucent claims that it has already made more than 600 CEM deployments worldwide.

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