VIVA Bahrain invests in Huawei antenna for 2.7x performance

Eng Ulaiyan Al Wetaid VIVA CEO
VIVA Bahrain has made investment in triple-beam antenna technology that delivers approximately 2.7 times the performance of a regular mobile tower.

Huawei said the antenna has the capacity to absorb traffic demand, offering better quality of services (QoS), while enhancing VIVA’s customers connectivity at events or locations where data demand is high.

VIVA has deployed the Huawei solution during the ‘2016 F1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix’ race, where VIVA subscribers enjoyed flawless connectivity to 4G network.

Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, CEO of VIVA Bahrain, said: “Delivering the Kingdom’s fastest 4G LTE network lays at the heart of VIVA and this time we have achieved so by implementing an innovative solution that also provides an environmentally responsible alternative by significantly reducing the need to build new tower sites in Bahrain.”