Vodacom Mozambique will implement Astellia’s VIP Care CEM solution to improve QoS

Telecom Lead Africa: Astellia, a provider of monitoring solutions for optimizing mobile network QoS and QoE, said Vodacom Mozambique will implement its VIP Care CEM solution.

The application is designed to improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty particularly amongst high value subscribers.

Astellia’s VIP Care solution will enable Vodacom, the second largest MNO in Mozambique, to monitor the quality of experience of their subscribers, from a single subscriber up to a group of users. VIP Care equally helps Vodacom define and monitor Service Level Agreements (SLA) with their customers based on Key Quality Indicators.

“By providing Vodacom with VIP focused investigation capabilities for anticipating and detecting service delivery degradation, Astellia is proud to contribute to offering premium voice and data services to Vodacom’s high revenue generating customers,” said Jean-Philippe Larvol, managing director for Africa at Astellia.

Headquartered in France, Astellia partners with more than 180 worldwide telecom operators.

Recently, TelecomLead.com reported that Vodafone Czech Republic has selected Astellia, a provider of monitoring solutions for the optimization of mobile network QoS and QoE, as a main partner for testing and maximizing its network performance for 3-year equipment swap project.

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