Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao updates on Project Spring

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Vodafone Group CEO Vittorio Colao on Tuesday updated on the latest development on Project Spring investment program.

The Capex of Vodafone Group fell 4.94 percent to £3,708 million or $5,597 million in H1 2015.

Capex of Vodafone

Vodafone Group has made an investment of £835 million (£1,032 million) in Germany, £445 million (£423 million) in Italy, £374 million (£382 million) in UK, £330 million (£274 million) in Spain, £108 million (£149 million) in Netherlands, £109 million (£117 million) in Portugal, £47 million (£58 million) in Romania, £44 million (£29 million) in Greece, £364 million (£348 million) in India, £318 million (£329 million) in Vodacom Africa, £138 million (£145 million) in Turkey, £139 million (£115 million) in Egypt in H1 2015.

Total Capex is expected to be around £8.5 billion in fiscal 2016, said Vodafone Group.

Vodafone Project Spring

As per the Project Spring, Vodafone achieved 80 percent 4G population coverage in Europe against 32 percent two years ago.

88 percent of customers’ data sessions in Europe are now at high-definition video speeds with 3 Mbps or above.
Vodafone is targeting 94 percent 3G coverage in targeted urban areas in India.

It is aiming for 47 percent 4G coverage and 98 percent 3G coverage in South Africa.

Vodafone achieved 0.60 percent reduction in dropped calls in Europe of around 50 million per month.

Vodafone high speed broadband services reached 66 million homes in Europe, of which 42 percent are on own fiber or cable networks.

The telecom network operator launched M2M services in 27 countries and IP-VPN in 65 countries.

“Our customers are benefiting from the significant investments we are making in high speed mobile and fixed networks, as evidenced by the huge growth in demand for data and the increased loyalty to Vodafone services,” said Vittorio Colao.

Vodafone data growth

Data traffic in H1 grew 75 percent against 79 percent in Q1 and 73 percent in Q2. Vodafone has 29.9 million 4G customers across the 19 countries by adding 9.7 million customers in H1.

The total mobile data customer base rose 18 percent to 124.6 million. 3G subscriber base in India grew 75 percent to 23.8 million. It will launch 4G in India in the coming months.

Revenue of Vodafone Group has dipped 2.3 percent to £20.3 billion for the first half.

Baburajan K
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