Vodafone India revenue up 2% to $1,608 million in Q3

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Vodafone India revenue rose 0.5 percent (reported) and 2.3 percent (organic) to £1,103 million or $1,608 million in the third quarter ended December 31, 2015.

Growth in service revenue of Vodafone India slowed down to 2.3 percent in Q3 from 5.6 percent in Q2  due to competitive pressure, impacting both voice and data prices and data customer growth.

Vodafone India added 5.4 million customers in Q3 against 2.8 million in the second quarter — driven by a particularly strong performance in voice.

The telecom operator said voice traffic grew. But it experienced 9.8 percent dip in voice revenue per minute due to ongoing price competition.

Vodafone Group performance in Q3 fiscal 2016

Total revenue £10,283 million (–5.5%)
Enterprise revenue +2.6%
Vodafone Global Enterprise (VGE) +5.8%
M2M revenue +27.3%
Adds 4.7 million 4G customers
4G subscriber base reaches 34.8 million
Total data usage +68%


Added 165,000 mobile sites
Modernized 102,000 sites
Upgraded 91,000 sites to high capacity backhaul

Vodafone India said its data usage increased 64 percent — thanks to 3G subscriber base.

The 3G subscriber base of Vodafone India reached 25.9 million.

Despite 64 percent increase in data usage, the rate of revenue growth in data business slowed in the third quarter driven by increased price competition.

Project Spring

Vodafone India added 7,600 3G sites in the third quarter, taking its population coverage in targeted urban areas to 94 percent. Vodafone aims to cover 95 percent of its targeted urban areas with 3G by March 2016.

The mobile service provider is in the process of taking its 4G coverage to five circles by the end of this financial year, covering around 45 percent of current data revenue.

Vodafone M-Pesa service has 962,000 active customers and 102,000 agents till December 2015.