Vodafone slashes national roaming tariffs on local and STD calls

Indian telecom service provider Vodafone has cut roaming tariffs — on both local and STD calls – on national roaming from May 1.
The decision to revise national roaming charges comes in the wake of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) decided to slash ceiling rates.

# Reduction of 40 percent in all incoming calls while roaming
# Vodafone customers will now pay 20 percent for local calls and 23 percent for STD calls and 75 percent less for texts on national roaming
# Vodafone added Special Roaming Tariff Plan (SRTP) for pre-paid and post-paid mobile customers
# The decision follows TRAI guidelines

Vodafone said price of incoming calls would be slashed 40 percent to Rs 0.45 per minute, 20 percent cut in outgoing local calls to Rs 0.80 per minute, 23 percent reduction in outgoing STD calls to Rs 1.15 per minute. The price of local SMS will be slashed by 75 percent to Rs 0.25, while national SMS will be reduced to Rs 0.38.

For all outgoing local calls, a ceiling of 80 paisa / minute has been fixed from the earlier Rs 1 / min. The ceiling for STD calls is Rs 1.15 / min from earlier Rs 1.5 / min. For incoming calls on roaming, a ceiling of 45 paisa / minute has been fixed from the earlier 75 paisa / minute.

Vodafone India
Vodafone customers will pay up to 75 percent less for texts while on roaming. The charge for local SMS will be 25 paisa against Rs 1 before. The price of national SMS will be 38 paisa against Rs 1.50 earlier.

Vodafone India has also introduced Special Roaming Tariff Plan (SRTP) its Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

Currently, Vodafone has incoming free packs for Prepaid and Post-paid customers and the incoming voice calls while on national roaming would be free, on payment of fixed charge.

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