Wataniya Telecom deploys Huawei Internet cache solution

Telecom Lead Middle East: Wataniya Telecom has deployed
Huawei’s Internet Cache solution on Wataniya Telecom’s Networks Infrastructure.

“The development of mobile broadband services
requires carrier networks to bear tremendous traffic as well as ensure an
excellent user experience. Designed for a smooth expansion, Huawei’s Internet
Cache Solution enables us to exploit existing network facilities and provide
more on-demand services to our users,” said Hisham Siblini, chief
technology officer of Wataniya Telecom.

Wataniya Telecom is focusing on advancing in two key
areas including mobile broadband service deployment and evolution to LTE mobile

Huawei’s Internet Cache Solution features a future-oriented,
smooth-evolution cache platform and fast-response local service network.

Wataniya Telecom, Kuwait’s leading mobile
telecommunications operator, will provide Kuwait’s mobile users with an
enhanced Internet experience and a plethora of service applications, while
increasing its return on investment through expanded bandwidth and traffic
reductions of more than 50 percent.

Huawei claims that its Internet Cache solution is
designed to resolve traffic cache and challenges on carrier networks. The solution
offers simultaneous support with its traffic localization mechanism to
high-volume traffic applications, including HTTP, online video and P2P

“As networks are fundamental to an operator’s
success in mobile broadband, Huawei promotes the sustainable development of
mobile broadband services through structural innovations and continuous cost
reductions for its customers,” said Pan Yong, CTO of Huawei Kuwait.

Telecom operators such as Wataniya Telecom, M1 Singapore
and China Mobile have already implemented Huawei’s Internet Cache solution to
meet the dual goals of alleviating outgoing Internet traffic pressure and
improving Internet user experience, helping to strengthen the capabilities of
telecoms operators.

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