Yankee’s 2013 telecom trends: mobile operators will lose $1 billion per month in voice/messaging revenue

Telecom Lead India: Yankee Group says telecom operators will lose $1 billion per month in voice/messaging revenue in 2013.

This is part of Yankee Group’s top 10 trends in 2013.

(source: textguard)

Yankee Group predicts that there are indications that the mobility dust is beginning to settle.

Declan Lonergan, Yankee Group VP of research and co-author of the report, said: “Most regions (Europe is a notable exception) are showing signs of a firmer economic recovery. North America’s M&A frenzy seems to be played out for now, and virtually all players know the hand they’ve been dealt. Thus, we see 2013 as the year when they must leverage that knowledge and place their mobility bets for the long term.”

The report does not talk about Indian or Chinese telecom space.

Yankee Group’s 2013 mobility predictions are:

1. Operators will lose $1 billion per month in voice/messaging revenue.
2. All mobile operators will be either digital lifestyle providers or value bit providers.
3. Small cells will stumble.
4. At least one operator will launch a turbo-boosting service.
5. Google will start subsidizing mobile payments credit/debit card transaction fees.
6. A cloud-based mobile payment system will see a significant data breach.
7. More than 50 percent of companies will look to the cloud for their mobile app deployments.
8. Microsoft’s Windows Store will abandon the 70-30 split and registration fees.
9. Android smartphone market share will decline in the U.S.
10. MVNOs will feel the squeeze as operators get serious about M2M.

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