5G connections forecast from Ovum shows slow growth

5G Americas and Ovum have released the latest forecast on 5G connections indicating a slow growth in the market in 2019.
5G connections forecast by Ovum
5G connections will be zero in Africa and Central & South Asia.

5G connections will reach 5,000 in Eastern Europe and 206,000 in Western Europe.

5G connections will touch 18,000 in Latin America and the Caribbean.

5G connections will reach 135,000 in the Middle East.

5G connections will reach 336,000 in North America.

5G connections will reach 20,000 in Eastern and South Eastern Asia.

5G forecast

The number of 5G connections globally will cross 1.3 billion by 2023, almost doubling from 512.4 million in 2022.

5G is forecast to have nearly 3.5 million connections in Latin America and the Caribbean by 2021 growing to 17 million in 2022 and 75 million connections in 2023.

Early launches of 5G in the U.S. will result in the #1 position globally in 2019 with 336,000 connections, 47 percent of all global 5G connections; however, 5G connections will quickly grow in North America to almost 4 million in 2020. 5G connections are forecast to pass 100 million in North America in 2022.