Broadband market share for May 2016 revealed by TRAI

Broadband market share in May 2016
Telecom regulator TRAI has revealed the broadband – wired and wireless — market share of Indian service providers in May 2016.

The top telecoms are Bharti Airtel with 40.80 million broadband subscribers, Vodafone with 31.55 million, Idea Cellular with 25.7 million, BSNL with 20.76 million and Reliance Communications with 15.91 million.

BSNL has 9.89 million wired broadband subscribers, while Bharti Airtel has 1.79 million, MTNL has 1.10 million, Atria Convergence Technologies has 0.99 million and YOU Broadband has 0.55 million in May 2016.

Bharti Airtel has 39.01 million wireless broadband subscribers, while Vodafone has 31.54 million, Idea Cellular has 25.69 million, Reliance Communications has 15.79 million and BSNL has 10.87 million.

TRAI in a statement said that the number of broadband subscribers – wired and wireless — increased from 151.09 million in April 2016 to 159.76 million in May 2016 with a monthly growth rate of 5.74 percent.

India has 17.16 million wired broadband subscribers, 142.06 million wireless broadband users on mobile phones and dongles and 0.54 million fixed wireless subscribers on Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Point-toPoint Radio and VSAT.

Wireline subscribers

Wireline subscriber base declined from 25.04 million in April 2016 to 24.87 million in May 2016. 83.32 percent of wireline subscribers are in urban locations, while 16.68 percent is in rural India, said TRAI.

Wireless subscribers
Airtel market share in May 2016
Wireless subscriber base declined from 1,034.25 million in April 2016 to 1,033.16 million in May 2016. The wireless subscription in urban areas declined from 586.41 million in April to 584.25 million in May 2016. Wireless user base in rural areas increased from 447.84 million to 448.90 million.

Bharti Airtel is continuing as the market leader in the Indian mobile service provider space with 24.62 percent. Vodafone India has 19.23 percent, Idea Cellular has 16.99 percent, Reliance Communications has 9.81 percent and Aircel has 8.54 percent share in the country, said TRAI.