Comparison of Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia revenue in 2016

Cellular towers in ChinaChinese telecom equipment and software maker Huawei is continuing its lead in the global carrier business space in 2016.

Top vendors carrier business revenue in 2016

1. Huawei $42.16 bn
2. Ericsson $24.93 bn
3. Nokia Networks $23.27 bn

Huawei, according to its annual report, generated revenue of CNY 290,561 million or $42.16 billion from carrier business in 2016.

Ericsson reported SEK 222.6 billion revenue or $24.93 billion from networks, IoT and cloud and media business last year.

Nokia Networks business generated revenue of EUR 21,799 million or $23.27 billion in 2016.