IM to overtake email generating 43 trillion messages

IM will overtake email within the next 12 months generating almost 43 trillion messages annually.

With around 35 trillion messages, email accounted for the largest share of traffic in 2014. Out of this, nearly 80 percent or 28 trillion can be categorized as spam.

Mobile and online messaging traffic — SMS, MMS, instant messaging, social media and email — will reach 160 trillion per annum by 2019 from 94.2 trillion this year, said Juniper Research.
A model demonstrates a Nexus One smartphone, the first mobile phone Google will sell directly to consumers, after a news conference in Mountain View
The telecom analysis report said the negligible cost of IM services led to significant migration from SMS. Tencent’s QQ, WhatsApp and WeChat have more than 400 million active users, with WhatsApp reporting in excess of 30 billion messages sent per day.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are experiencing increase in usage. Facebook has more than 5.8 billion posts, likes and comments per day.

Since A2P SMS are more reliable and secure than IM for services such as verification and notification, A2P revenues will more than to $70 billion by 2019 from $62.8 billion this year.

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