India tablet PC shipment dips 14% in Q1 2015

India tablet PC shipment fell 13.9 percent quarter on quarter in Q1 2015, said CMR.

BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) enabled tablet shipments posted 60 percent contribution in the total shipments.

Samsung is the Indian tablet market leader with 19.7 percent share in Q1 2015.

Datawind is in the second position with 12.7 percent tablet market share, while Micromax is in the third position with 9 percent share, said CMR.

“Since there isn’t much value addition coming in the shape of specific solutions to enhance device usability at the moment, Tablets are only becoming devices of convenience, essentially larger screen versions of smartphones. This has resulted in lower priority in the list of ‘must have’ devices for the average user,” said Faisal Kawoosa, lead analyst, CMR Telecoms Practice.
tablet growth in Q1 2015
To prevent the tablet form factor from dying out, vendors must position their offerings as a distinct category, rather than just an also ran device at the cusp of a smartphone and a laptop PC.

“The challenge that enterprise CIOs are facing in the adoption of Tablets is that the device does not completely act as a replacement and adding accessories such as a keyboard make it just another Laptop PC. In this scenario, Tablets are just going to end up being CxO companions, in which case I see only Apple having a bright future,” said Sachin Mehta, analyst for Tablet PCs at CMR.

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