NEC grabs 28% share in microwave transmission market as Huawei drops

The global microwave transmission market revenue grew 9 percent in Q1 2018. NEC has outperformed other manufacturers such as in the quarter and captured the highest shipment share.

The report indicates that NEC has 28 percent share in the global microwave transmission market in Q1 2018.

Huawei has 20 percent market share in microwave transmission space. Ericsson has 14 percent share in microwave transmission market. Nokia has 6 percent share in the microwave transmission market.

Huawei faced degrowth in microwave transmission market, while NEC, Ericsson and Nokia reported growth in shipment of microwave transmission equipment.
Microwave transmission share Q1 2018
The worldwide microwave transmission market fell in the last two years due to fewer LTE cell site deployments and upgrades. The telecom industry was expecting another year of decline until volume deployments of 5G NR occurred in late 2019.

The microwave transmission market posted a strong first quarter and is expected to turn a positive full year,” Jimmy Yu, vice president with research firm Dell’Oro Group, said.

Packet Microwave comprised nearly 45 percent of the total Microwave Transmission market revenue in the quarter.

E/V Band system revenue grew for a 23rd consecutive quarter, and is projected to grow for at least another five years.

India is creating significant demand for microwave transmission equipment. The report said 17 percent of global shipments for microwave transmission equipment during the past twelve months ending March 2018 were for use in India.