Rural internet subscriber base revealed by TRAI

Internet Subscriber Base and Market Share of top 10
Telecom regulator TRAI has shared details on rural Internet subscriber base and market share of top 10 broadband service providers in September 2015.

Top broadband players

Bharti Airtel is the top broadband operator with 25.5 percent share, while Vodafone has 20.47 percent, Idea Cellular 12.27 percent, Reliance Communications 11.48 percent, BSNL 10.12 percent, Aircel 6.46 percent, Tata Group 6.35 percent, Telenor 3.75 percent, MTNL 0.60 percent and MTS India 0.59 percent.

Top rural Internet markets

TRAI has also shared the break-up between rural and urban Internet subscribers in India.

Rural Internet subscriber baserural Internet subscriber base chart 2

Broadband market

Top five service areas in terms of internet subscriptions — wired and wireless — are Maharashtra with 27.71 million, Tamil Nadu including Chennai 26.87 million, Andhra Pradesh 24 million, Karnataka 21.72 million and Uttar Pradesh East 20.73 million, said TRAI.

Five broadband – wired and wireless — service providers in term of subscribers are Bharti with 28.19 million, Vodafone 23.78 million, Idea Cellular 19.60 million, BSNL 18.94 million, and Reliance Communications 11.04 million.

In wired broadband, BSNL holds 61.57 percent market share with 9.93 million subscribers followed by Bharti with 1.58 million and MTNL 1.13 million subscribers.

In wireless broadband, Bharti holds 25.40 percent market share with 26.61 million subscribers followed by Vodafone with 23.78 million and 22.70 percent market share and Idea Cellular with 19.60 million subscribers.

Top five service areas in respect of broadband subscriptions are Tamil Nadu including Chennai with 12.02 million, Maharashtra 11.36 million, Delhi 10.61 million, Karnataka 10.12 million and Andhra Pradesh 9.56 million.