Samsung leads Sri Lanka smartphone market, ahead of Huawei in Q1 2014

Samsung is leading the Sri Lanka smartphone market in the first quarter of 2014, ahead of Huawei, E-Tel and Micromax.

The smartphone share of Samsung was 27.7 percent in Sri Lanka, Huawei 18.9 percent and E-tel 13.9 percent, said Cybermedia Research.

Smartphone unit sales touched 0.12 million units in Sri Lanka during Q1 2014.

Sri Lanka smartphone market share in Q1 2014

The Sri Lanka mobile handsets market recorded sales of over 0.76 million units in January-March 2014.

In the overall Sri Lanka mobile handsets market, Nokia has 26.2 percent share, Micromax 18.3 percent and E-tel 11.4 percent.