Tablet market plunges 35% in Q1 2015

Branded tablet sales dropped 35 percent quarter on quarter and 16 percent year on year in the first quarter of 2015, said ABI Research.

Apple and Samsung continue to dominate a significant majority of the tablet market.

ABI Research said the year 2015 is the pivotal year for smaller, competing vendors to step-up, build their business, and gain market share in advanced and emerging markets.

Jeff Orr, senior practice director of ABI Research, said: “The tablet market lacks a truly competitive playing field needing a strong third even fourth vendor to drive the market out of stagnation.”
tablet market plunges in Q1 2015
Acer, ASUS, and Lenovo all show promise for claiming those spots but need to focus on building their businesses especially in markets where purchase decisions are still largely to be made.

Tablets are popular among consumer households and have a practical purpose for many businesses and the education sector. Issues of tablet specific device are longevity of use, price, and market competition.

The tablet market is expected to remain relatively stagnant unless smaller vendors manage to shake up the market and create a truly competitive landscape.

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