Anritsu brings new BTS Master-based solution

Anritsu Company has launched PIM over CPRI software for its BTS Master MT8220T and MT822xB handheld base station analyzers.
Anritsu BTS Master Handheld Base Station Analyzers
The latest innovation allows passive intermodulation (PIM) measurements to be made from the ground for the first time.

Anritsu said the new BTS Master-based solution is a cost-efficient and time-efficient tool for ensuring optimal operation of wireless networks. Telecom engineers can eliminate the need for network operator installation and maintenance crews and contractors to climb the tower to test for PIM.

PIM over CPRI is a patented PIM measurement technique that uses live traffic, unlike traditional RF PIM measurements that require a site be turned down for tests to be conducted, Anritsu said.

Two Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers and an optical tap are required to perform for PIM over CPRI.

Engineers need not disconnect component in the transmission line, eliminating the possibility of PIM being introduced into the system due to elements such as metal shavings or improperly torqued connectors.

The network operator can dispatch a tower crew to perform a traditional RF PIM measurement using the Anritsu PIM Master MW82119B passive intermodulation analyser if the BTS Master with PIM over CPRI capability detects PIM at the ground level.

The Anritsu PIM Hunter test probe can be used for rooftop base stations where PIM is detected. If the system is PIM-free, the network operator can conduct other tests to locate issues affecting the site, such as interference.

The BTS Master handheld base station analyzers combine 30 analyzers into one to meet every measurement need at a base station. It includes 20 MHz bandwidth modulation for high-quality testing; a vector signal generator with frequency coverage of 400 MHz to 6 GHz for comprehensive DAS and receiver testing, and sweep modes for reliable interference hunting and analysis.