Spice Communication selects Sybase IQ for data warehousing

Telecom Lead India: Spice Communication, Punjab’s
second leading Telecommunication Company said that it maintains a 12 terabyte
data warehouse populated with three months of customer call data by using
Sybase IQ.


The operator said that the data warehouse has lowered
costs, improved data quality, increased their competitive edge, and fostered
exceptional growth.


With the help of Sybase solution, Spice runs advanced
multi-dimensional analytics on the information to identify sources of revenue
loss and uncover gaps in its service offerings.


The operator is using a host of Sybase technologies
including Sybase IQ, ASE, PowerDesigner and Replication Server to populate a
data warehouse with raw mobile and landline call data.


The company said that profit margins are thin in the
highly competitive telecommunications industry and even small degree of
efficiency improvements add up and fund investments in services and basic
infrastructure. In turn, the company added that service and quality become key
differentiators between telecommunications companies.


The telecom industry is one of the most challenging and
data-intensive marketplaces in existence. Competition is relentless and we have
to make on-the-spot decisions based on the information we have available. We
need to be ready to counter our competition’s offer and be able to provide more
option without endangering profitability and keep our costs to a minimum. With
more data we can model different scenarios.” Said Sanjay Srivastava, GM, IT at


On selection of Sybase, he said, With Sybase IQ, we are
seeing at least a 10X performance increase over how we were doing it before. For
routine queries, the rate is usually even higher.”


The company said that rich business intelligence is the
key driving factors behind its growth.


Spice uses the latest version od Sybase ASE to augment
the data warehouse. Sybase ASE, which is a traditional RDBMS used as a data
repository for both reporting and, in conjunction with Sybase Replication
Server, loads external source data in real-time into the Sybase IQ analytics
servers. The operator also uses SQL Anywhere to maintain connectivity to Sybase
IQ from local data sites.


Danish Khan

[email protected]