4G network quality of Claro, TIM, Vivo and Oi in Brazil

The latest Opensignal report said 4G Availability in urban areas of Brazil was 75 percent as compared to less than 41 percent in rural municipalities.
Brazil 4G operators
3G / 4G Availability dropped from 90 percent in urban regions to less than 74 percent in rural parts of Brazil.

TIM passed the 80 percent mark in 4G Availability metric, with the operator managing to top 90 percent in 10 of the cities. Oi’s national score was over 20 percentage points behind the leader TIM.

Users on TIM’s network enjoyed the highest 4G connectivity in urban municipalities, of over 84 percent. 4G connectivity of Oi in urban municipalities dropped to under 64 percent for its users. TIM users enjoyed over 50 percent 4G Availability in rural municipalities in Brazil. Oi users could connect to a 4G network less than 14 percent of the time.

3G / 4G Availability of Claro, TIM and Vivo was over 90 percent in urban municipalities. Vivo scored top in rural municipalities with 3G / 4G Availability over 80 percent. Claro and TIM users enjoyed scores around 75 percent.

Oi urban score was over 10 percentage points behind, while its rural 3G/4G Availability was less than half of Claro and Vivo.